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Maycke is a Dutch singer and pianist (speaks also Spanish, German, English).

She started her music career in 2007 after winning a television program called “So You Wanna Be a Popstar” on Dutch national television. 


She has toured with her own band for years but mostly solo with her piano.

Her performance is also to combine with her guitarist and percussionist, as well on big events, concerts, wedding ceremonies but also at private exclusive partys.


She became the ambassador for a foundation called “Ruby and Rose” to raise awareness for gynecologic cancer. For the Ruby and Rose foundation, she rewrote the song called Stars. This song is about her friend who passed away by ovarian cancer. The song “Stars” from Maycke went to a number 2 position in the Dutch charts and all proceeds have been donated by Maycke to Ruby and Rose for cancer research.


Equipped with only her piano and unique voice, with a mixture of strong vocals, inspiring lyrics and likable ballads, she reaches the hearts and minds of her audience from behind her piano.

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